Travis Frith Warner is a musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA. Best known for his lyrics, which chase metaphors down winding paths, creating imaginative worlds and stories, Frith is also a talented arranger and orchestrator.

He began playing at a young age, starting classical piano lessons at age 8, and moving on to jazz and classical guitar in his early teens. He is self-taught in a variety of other instruments, including bass, drums, trumpet, and Transylvanian guillotine harp. In 2008 he began working for renowned composer David Campbell (Adele, Beck, Michael Jackson), and it was during this time that he began incorporating classical and orchestral music into his indie pop sound, ultimately winding up with a unique voice all his own.

Frith owes his life and well-being to Cassidy Turbin, Chris Rolontz, Josh Grondin, and Mike Schuppan, in alphabetical order.

This bio was written by Travis Frith Warner in the 3rd person to impress upon others his importance and professionalism.